Gold Rate in Dubai (AED) Today 24K, 22K, 21K Gold Prices

Today Gold rate in Dubai (UAE) on 15 June 2024 is AED 275.56 per gram of 24K gold, and the price per tola Gold rate in Dubai is AED 3,214.12. This is the current Gold rate in Dubai (UAE).

Moreover, the specific information regarding the Gold Rate in Dubai & UAE is outlined below. This encompasses the cost of the precious metal in both 24k and 22k variations, measured per gram, tola, and ounce.

Gold Rate in Dubai

Weight22K Gold24K Gold
1 GramQAR 252.97QAR 275.56
1 TolaQAR 2,950.56QAR 3,214.12
1 OunceQAR 7,867.29QAR 8,570.03

Last Updated on 15 June 2024

Silver Rate24k Gold 22k Gold21k Gold18k Gold

Other Karats Gold Rate in Dubai

The below table displays the prices of 6K, 10K, 14K, and 18K gold per gram and tola.

Unit1 GramTola
6K GoldQAR 68.89QAR 803.53
10K GoldQAR 114.91QAR 1,340.29
14K GoldQAR 161.20QAR 1,880.26
18K GoldQAR 206.67QAR 2,410.59
21K GoldQAR 241.12QAR 2,411.02

Historical Gold Rate in Dubai

Check below the historical gold rate in Dubai (UAE) for 21 Karat, 22 Karat, and 24 Karat per gram gold prices as are updated daily.

Date22K Gold24K Gold
15 JuneAED 252.97AED 275.56
6 JuneAED 252.50AED 275.05
5 JuneAED 252.50AED 275.05
3 JuneAED 252.50AED 275.05
2 JuneAED 252.50AED 275.05
1 JuneAED 252.50AED 275.05
30 MayAED 282.62AED 282.62
28 MayAED 282.62AED 282.62
27 MayAED 282.62AED 282.62
26 MayAED 282.62AED 282.62
25 MayAED 282.62AED 282.62
24 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
21 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
20 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
19 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
18 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
17 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
16 MayAED 259.45AED 282.62
15 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
14 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
13 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
12 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
11 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
10 MayAED 254.59AED 277.34
8 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
7 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
6 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
5 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
4 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
3 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
2 MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
1st MayAED 248.10AED 270.26
30 AprilAED 253.16AED 275.78
29 AprilAED 253.16AED 275.78
28 AprilAED 251.79AED 274.28
27 AprilAED 251.79AED 274.28
26 AprilAED 251.79AED 274.28
25 AprilAED 251.79AED 274.28
24 AprilAED 251.79AED 274.28
23 AprilAED 252.44AED 274.98
22 AprilAED 257.74AED 280.76
21 AprilAED 257.74AED 280.76
20 AprilAED 257.74AED 280.76
19 AprilAED 257.74AED 280.76
18 AprilAED 256.87AED 279.82
17 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
16 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
15 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
14 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
13 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
12 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
11 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
9 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
8 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
7 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
6 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
5 AprilAED 247.76AED 269.89
4 AprilAED 249.16AED 271.42
3 AprilAED 247.64AED 269.76
2 AprilAED 243.77AED 265.55
1 AprilAED 244.13AED 265.93
31 MarchAED 242.16AED 263.79
30 MarchAED 242.16AED 263.79
29 MarchAED 242.10AED 263.73
28 MarchAED 237.43AED 258.64
27 MarchAED 236.34AED 257.45
26 MarchAED 235.48AED 256.52
25 MarchAED 234.72AED 255.68
24 MarchAED 233.41AED 254.26
23 MarchAED 233.41AED 254.26
22 MarchAED 239.11AED 260.47
21 MarchAED 239.11AED 260.47
20 MarchAED 234.11AED 255.02
19 MarchAED 234.26AED 255.18
18 MarchAED 233.48AED 254.33
17 MarchAED 233.79AED 254.67
16 MarchAED 233.79AED 254.67
15 MarchAED 234.59AED 255.55
14 MarchAED 235.81AED 256.87
13 MarchAED 233.96AED 254.86
12 MarchAED 236.58AED 257.71
11 MarchAED 257.72AED 236.59
10 MarchAED 234.06AED 254.97
9 MarchAED 234.06AED 254.97
8 MarchAED 234.06AED 254.97
7 MarchAED 232.61AED 253.38
6 MarchAED 230.52AED 251.11
5 MarchAED 229.09AED 249.55
4 MarchAED 225.59AED 245.74
3 MarchAED 225.86AED 246.04

Tips for Buying Gold Jewellery in Dubai

Below, check the some tips we have shared before buying gold Jewellery in Dubai.

1. Know the purity

Forget the softness of pure gold like playdough! It’s beautiful, but not exactly jewelry material. That’s where “karats” come in. Think of them as a strength potion: 24 Karat is pure gold, soft, and stunning, but 18 Karat or 22 Karat gold mixes in other metals for durability and everyday wear. These “mixtures” are called alloys, like adding pebbles to clay for cool sculptures. In Dubai (UAE), 22K gold strikes a sweet spot, balancing bling with affordability. So, next time you see karat numbers, remember they’re the secret recipe for your perfect gold piece!

2. Gold Making Charges

So you’ve found the perfect gold piece, but wait! There’s another number on the tag – “making charges.” Don’t worry, it’s not magic. It simply covers the skilled craftsmanship that transforms raw gold into your desired treasure. Think of it as the artist’s fee for their creativity and expertise.

3. Man-made or Machine-Made?

Forget robots crafting with magic wands – machine-made ornaments often mean lower costs, thanks to automated processes. But wait! Don’t let the price tag blind you. Handmade ornaments often carry the invisible touch of time and care, each piece infused with the artist’s heart.

4. Weight

Ever wonder how jewelers price their gold treasures? It all boils down to two key ingredients: weight and purity. Think of it like baking a cake – the more batter (weight) and richer ingredients (purity), the higher the price. Just like in Dubai, where 18 Karat gold costs 14.88 Dubai (AED) per gram, the heavier and purer the gold, the more it’ll cost. So, next time you admire a sparkly piece, remember that weight and purity are the secret recipe behind its price tag!

5. Gold Rates

The gold rates are fixed daily and they fluctuate as per the market forces. It is the commonly agreed rate at which the gold is priced to be sold. Having an idea about the current gold rate in Dubai (AED) can help you determine the approx. The value you would be paying for a piece of particular Jewellery at the said purity and weight. The gold rates are usually displayed on monitors in the jewelry shops and are determined by the weight per gram.

6. Jewellery store

There are many jewelry shops available in the Dubai market, depending upon their collection, design, service, volume, and target audience different gold rates or gold prices are set and offered to customers. When it comes to buying, the designs, collections, and services offered are to be kept in mind. Many offer credit, installment payments, and customized jewelry.


All gold prices in Dubai are updated daily through the Official Dubai Government website and sometimes by local jewelers in Dubai. As you are aware, the price of gold fluctuates continuously worldwide, so it is not fixed. Here, we provide daily updates on gold prices

If you are buying or selling gold, you can contact your local jeweler in Dubai. These gold prices are provided for informational purposes only and should not be used for trading.

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